Emily Lacy-Nichols
2140 NW 25TH PL
Corvallis, OR, 97330
(541) 231-7993

I recently graduated from the Digital Arts program and Honors College at the University of Oregon. I am presently seeking a position within a dynamic, well-reputed organization in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where I can use my diverse skills and experience for company benefit.

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• Full facility with both Windows and Macintosh platforms
• Exceptional knowledge of digital photography and photo manipulation
• Strong sense of composition, color, and other elements of design
• Exceptional skill with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (CS-CS5)
• Proficiency in Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, and InDesign (CS-CS5)
• Proficiency in HTML and CSS, and with Object-Oriented Programming logic
• Recent experience with Shake (compositing software)
• Excellent communication, organizational, and collaborative skills
• Exceptional writing and proofreading skills

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts, 2010
University of Oregon: Robert D Clark Honors College
• Senior Honors Thesis: Process and Intent in Interactive Digital Media
Pass with Honors
• Strong focus on digital imaging, photography, and multimedia
• GPA: 3.77
References available upon request

Graphic Designer, Illustrator: 2010
Produced for Da Vinci Days Grand Kinetic Challenger “Secret Racing Clan”
• Created a distinctive image and title type design suitable for multiple output formats
• Executed graphics on painted wooden signage, team t-shirts, buttons, and other promotional material
“Secret Racing Clan” won the 2010 Pageantry Award and was featured on the front page of the Corvallis Gazette Times

Photographer, Web Designer: 2007-2010
Personal Portfolio Websites: intra—and extra—curricular work produced during my undergraduate years
2010: emilyroseStudios (present portfolio, undergoing expansion)
2008: portfolioModular (retired in favor of more navigable design)
2007: portfolio (retired in favor of more flexible and lightweight design)
• Designed, coded, and maintained content of sites using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver
• Performed digital image manipulation on original photographs and images
• Implemented dynamic user-interface for image browsing using JavaScript plugins (FancyBox; used on most recent portfolio site)

Animator, Programmer: 2010
Honors Thesis: “Distance: the Window-Mirror, or an Exploration of Process and Intent in Interactive Digital Media”
Graduation requirement for the Robert D Clark Honors College, University of Oregon
• Created an animation examining the relationship between artist and audience in the context of interactive digital media
• Devised and implemented a dynamic method of user interaction utilizing a computer’s built-in video input to reveal hidden animated content
• Crafted an accompanying 50-page research paper as the written thesis component
• Maintained an online record of the animation and coding process
“Distance” was awarded a Pass with Honors

Designer, Textile Artist: 2009
Little Things Project: a Social Media Experiment
Undergraduate project in the Department of Digital Arts, University of Oregon
• Conceptualized a collaborative design project which would use outside input as the artistic content of a series of ten machine-embroidered t-shirts
• Solicited, catalogued, and displayed examples provided by users of mundane tasks they complete each day with little thought
• Designed graphics based on selected “little things” and machine-embroidered t-shirts
• Maintained an online record of user submissions, work progress, and gallery images

Graphic Designer: 2009
Business card for a substitute teacher
Produced on commission for a private client
• Created graphic and text proposals for a business card
• Worked with client to refine design elements
• Produced final print-ready file for client’s use
Client informed me that she was hired at her first interview

Illustrator: 2008
For ResNet (University of Oregon Residential Internet and Computer Service)
• Created image proposals for promotional and workplace t-shirts
• Worked with client to refine desired images
• Developed final images for print and web

Web Designer, Graphic Designer: 2007-2008
For the University of Oregon Fencing Club
• Designed and maintained official club website
• Adjusted photographs for web display
• Team member for four years
• Competed in team and individual events

Assistant Youth Art instructor: 2008
Corvallis Methodist Church Summer Day Camp
• Assisted instructor in teaching basic art techniques to teens
• Taught independent lessons on perspective and contour drawing
• Kept students on task and actively participating in lessons

Jewelry Designer: 1997-2010
Self-employed, work on gratuity and commission basis
• Created original beaded and wire-form jewelry
• Implemented others’ jewelry designs to learn new skills and methods of construction
• Designed unique jewelry to meet customer specifications and satisfaction
• Repaired beaded and wire-based jewelry
• Produced dynamic photographic record of past designs for portfolio purposes
Design examples available on the Jewelry page